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Enthusiastic about our classes but still have some questions? We prepared a set of some frequently asked questions to help you.

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  • What does De Kinder Club offer?
    De Kinder Club has classes for children from 6 months to 8 years old. We are a team of early childhood specialists, and our curricula are designed for children in the early years age, and getting them ready in concepts and more importantly emotionally and socially for formal education.
  • What classes do De Kinder Club offer?
    Our Kinder Skool weekday programme is specially curated for children 17 months - 4.5 years old. Classes are held on weekdays, these classes aim to prepare children for their formal education through a fun, engaging and age-appropriate way! We also have our enrichment programmes for children 6 months - 8 yaers old focusing on different areas like literacy, numeracy and S.T.E.A.M concepts through sensorial and experiential activities. Through these classes, our students will be able to expand their vocabulary, understand the world around them and gain more general knowledge!
  • What is De Kinder Club's teaching approach and curriculum?
    "The Triadic Teaching Model: Understand, Experience, Learn" - is our unique approach and curriculum is specially curated by a team of education specialists who have had experience teaching children up to 8 years old. De Kinder Club's lessons are designed to focus strongly on experiential learning and learning beyond school level. We provide a holistic environment where children experience learning through engagement of all of their different senses. Our fundamental approach is based on the multi-intelligence (MI) theory and inquiry-based learning.
  • Why should my child join classes at De Kinder Club instead of enrolling him in schools that teach specific disciplines like Math, or Violin?"
    We believe that in their preschool years, children should be provided the opportunity of experiential learning across a wide variety of topics through different disciplines to expand their abilities to think in different ways. Children mature across developmental domains – cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional – at different rates. They need time, space, and opportunities to explore and experience. The more we know our child and which form of intelligence they demonstrate, the easier it is to stimulate them with appropriate activities and teaching methods. Parents realistically, in terms of available financial resources or time available, would not be able to offer their child varied opportunities to experiment with different fields in the arts, sports, technology, etc. At De Kinder we aim to be a solution to this challenge. In no lesser manner, our instructors for our classes are specialists in their respective disciplines that they conduct classes for.
  • What are the benefits of sensory integration during the early learning years?
    Research has shown that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways, which lead to the child's ability to complete more complex learning tasks. There are also many benefits of sensory play for the little ones: - Encourages children to explore and investigate - Children learn best and retain most information when engaging their senses - Helps children make sense of the world around them - Encourages cognitive development, strengthening of motor skills, supports language development and more This is why De Kinder Club's classes are multi-sensorial and experiential - specially curated in a way that children learn best!
  • Does De Kinder Club offer trial classes?
    Yes we do! Feel free to drop us a message through our social media platforms (Instagram/Facebook) or WhatsApp us at +65 8687 0905 for more information.
  • I made a booking on your website for a trial class, is my child's slot confirmed?"
    Please note that reservations are not confirmed until a confirmation message is sent (within 24 hours) by our Business WhatsApp number +65 8687 0805.
  • What is the difference between Kinder Tots weekend and weekday playgroup class?
    The duration of our Kinder Tots weekday playgroup classes are 90 minutes and Kinder Tots weekend classes are 45 minutes. Weekday playgroup classes are structured around playgroup style sessions. The longer duration will allow little ones to have more time to explore each individual activity and added social interactions! Our weekend classes are also popular among working parents.
  • How can I be involved in my child’s learning at De Kinder Club?
    All of our classes for children up till 3.5 year olds are parent-accompanied (partial parent-accompanied for 2.5-3.5 year olds). This provides an avenue for parents and caregivers to be involved in the development of our children, and provide a sense of security to our little ones while they start to thread social and classroom settings. It will be a great time of bonding and shared experiences. Some events are open to friends and family as well.
  • What are the different programmes that are offered at De Kinder Club focused on?
    All our classes follow a thematic approach, where each term will be focused on an over-arching theme, and each week will be a topic from the theme of the term! Themes are specially chosen to offer a breath of knowledge to children. Within each theme, children will be exposed to literacy, numeracy and S.T.E.A.M concepts in an experiential and multi-sensorial manner. Check out our Instagram to take a sneak peek into our classrooms!
  • What are the teacher-to-student ratios in your classes?
    Our class sizes are kept to a small teacher-student ratio of 1:4-5 for our programmes. We keep this ratio low to ensure consistency with our ethos, that every child is a gift and to inspire each child that comes through our doors.
  • Why is De Kinder called a club?
    Instead of a school, we call ourselves a club, which is a place that will grow with your child, and where your child can develop a sense of belonging. Children love club concepts as they can identify with the club mascots and aspire to cultivate the positive values and attributes that the club holds.
  • If I sign my child up for the credits package and she attends different classes every week, will she be unable to follow the classes?"
    Absolutely not! Conversely, your child could benefit to a great extent in learning similar concepts through different mediums and disciplines. Our classes are designed in a way that each class is independent from the previous week’s class. Concepts that children at the preschool age will learn such as numerals, sequencing, sight words, will be reinforced in classes based on their age level. At this preschool age, reinforcement of concepts in different manners is key to instilling these foundational concepts in children. Your child could also build his social skills in making new friends in different classes!
  • Are the activities at De Kinder safe? Are your teachers first aid trained?
    We are early childhood educators, and understand that children are meant to be active! We put in the extra effort to ensure that our classrooms are child-friendly as can be seen by the many curved furniture and child-safe equipment. Our curricula are also designed in an age-appropriate manner, and all teachers have a wealth of experience working with and teaching children! Approximately half of our teachers are first-aid trained, and our assistant centre manager is a certified first-aider and AED provider, holding certifications in Responding to Illnesses, Accidents and Emergencies, and Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures. We also have standard protocols for accidents in performing first aid, updating parents, and seeking medical consultations at the nearest clinics – all this in hopes of putting your mind at ease when you entrust your child to our care!
  • What if my child misses her class, would there be any substitute class?"
    We understand that no one wants to be sick, and when our children are sick it is tough on us too! Substitute classes will be offered if your child was sick on the day of her class, with the proof of a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner in Singapore, based on availability of class slots in the same or different type of class. Drop us a WhatsApp message or email us, and we can discuss on the arrangement!
  • I have more questions, may I enquire more about the classes at De Kinder Club?"
    Absolutely! We are more than happy to help. Feel free to drop us a message through our social media platforms (Instagram/Facebook) or WhatsApp us directly +65 8687 0905 for any other questions that you may have.
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