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At De Kinder Club,

we believe that every child is a gift. Every child is capable of thinking creatively. Inspired by early education concepts from Europe, De Kinder Club’s multi-disciplinary approach focuses primarily on experiential learning.


De Kinder Club aims to harness the creative potential in each child, developing them towards becoming both innovative and critical thinkers. By trusting and respecting our children to make wise choices, we enter into a collaborative learning process where independence and kindness are held in high regard.


De Kinder Club believes in nurturing our young thinkers through character building and holistic learning that will help them blossom into the independent and empowered individuals they are meant to be.

Find out what makes us your preferred choice for your

child's preschool enrichment activities!

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Our Story

Our Story

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To constantly develop innovative, educational, and engaging programmes to pique the curiosity and desire to learn in children and their families.



We respect the autonomy and individuality of those who walk through our doors.



We strive to build individuals capable of coping with adversity, setbacks, and all unavoidable aspects of life. 



Contributing to discussions, decisions, and working together as a family to find solutions.


We strive to build a space where little learners, their families, and employees love to come to everyday.


It will be a place where knowledge and relationships are built, and a zest for life is forged.

Yee, our very own Asian Black Bear, loves all things to do with art. He loves fruits, nuts, and berries, but his favourite of all  are berries.


He is very often seen placing raspberries, blueberries, and pandan leaves in separate coconut bowls, then giving them a good squeeze.


He would use the sweet yummy juice to paint a beautiful flower. He would decorate Teeto and Haaki’s houses with his paintings and woven leaf craft work, greatly lifting the spirits of all who enter the houses.

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Teeto, our polar bear, goes everywhere with her computer – her favourite possession ever since receiving it for her birthday!


Teeto enjoys sitting in her igloo by the frozen lake writing commands in her computer that would instruct her home-made robot fish to fish for her during meal times.


Up! Down! Left! Right! She is always curious about how she can use her skills to come up with solutions to problems.


She is absolutely excited about her next project – a flying bowl that flies around to help Yee collect nuts and berries from bushes and trees. She just had to figure out how to keep the bowl balanced while it fills up!

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Haaki is our brown bear who loves a challenge in any sport. He used to be a shy little bear, but playing team sports gave him the opportunity to learn more about himself and his abilities, and he slowly grew to be a confident bear.


He was recently made team leader of the soccer club in his creek! He is looking forward to be a good role model of sportsmanship for his teammates.


Haaki wakes up every day before the sun rises to hike up the mountain because he loves the smell of the crisp fresh morning air and the feeling of dew on his furry paws. He would usually invite Teeto and Yee to come along with him as well!

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Our Triadic Teaching Model (UEL)

Understand: De Kinder Club’s teaching model focuses on understanding self and others around them. Through our classes, children’s social emotional development will be further enhanced as they will gain independence, self-awareness, respect, learning verbal and non-verbal communication, self-regulation, social awareness and caring for others. 

Experience: De Kinder Club’s lessons are also designed to focus strongly on experiential learning and learning beyond preschool level. We provide a holistic environment where children experience learning through engagement of all of their different senses. Our fundamental approach is based on the multi-intelligence (MI) theory and inquiry-based learning

Key experiences:

  • Experiential learning

  • Engaging children’s sensory system

  • Multi-intelligence theory

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Brain-body connection

Learn: De Kinder Club’s curriculum and framework aim to build on the following seven skillsets in every child: Physical, Literacy, Numeracy, Inquiry, Creative, Sensory and Self & Social

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