Our signature gentle separation class! The first half of the class is parent-accompanied time, where children get the opportunity to work on different art forms. During the second half of the class, parents are encouraged to gently leave the classroom, while their younglings get moving and learn basic sporting skills while they sing and dance! This independent time with their friends and teachers would give both child and parents the confidence to gradually work towards happy bye-byes at the school gate.

This class combines a Science class with an Art class. Science helps children develop key life skills, including an ability to communicate, remain organized and focused, and even form their own opinions based on observation. Dabbling in Art will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, while fine-tuning their finger muscles. Each class is conducted around a specific topic, and children explore specific contents in detail, in a fun and interactive manner through science and art.

Yoga offers strength-building, coordination, flexibility, fitness, and empowerment in children in a non-competitive environment. This fun and kid-friendly yoga class, which incorporates age appropriate poses, games, exercise, props and music will be a time where kids can unplug and connect with their peers, while creating lasting friendships. Each class also incorporates mindfulness activities where children learn techniques for self-regulation, relaxation, and inner fulfillment.

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Celebrate your special day with us! With our array of classes, we are able to arrange a one-of-a-kind birthday party for little ones, incorporating one De Kinder activity. Have a yoga session with your friends, jam it out at a Zumba session, or create something special with your friends over a Kinder Construct session!

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